Keep pushing

It’s been a tough season for a lot of us. Whether we’re downsizing due to the covid situation or recovering from a break up or switching careers…maybe even going back to school. 

This is just a little reminder that it’s okay. I’m a woman of great faith, my faith in God has been the only solid thing to hold onto through all my ups and downs.

Faith is simple.

Faith understands each thing, situation or challenge has a purpose. God is always teaching us, building us & pushing us…towards the plans He has always had for us.

So when we get off the path ….

Get distracted….

Lose ground….

He’s looking for us to center ourselves back in Him and just like that we’re moving forward to all the great blessings He has for us.

Yessssss…. It can be lonely. It can get dark. It can be confusing.

But God knows… He’s with us. There isn’t darkness in Him, He covers us. He protects us.

Rest. Knowing it’s all a process and better days are closer than you think. 

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