Keep Your Day Job!

Yes, everyone wants to be a BOSS, but working a job can lay the foundation you need for longevity as a prosperous entrepreneur.

Contrary to popular belief, entrepreneurship is a major risk and total buzz kill.

If you are married to the idea of stability and complete calm in your life, do NOT venture into entrepreneurship.

If you depend on the validation of your closest family and friends, do NOT become an entrepreneur!

If you are a Christian still struggling to know when God is speaking, do NOT become an entrepreneur!

If you cannot tell what your distractions and emotional triggers are, do NOT become an entrepreneur!

If you cannot commit to a schedule or struggle being on time, do NOT become an entrepreneur!

If you cannot hold a job down for more than 2 years, do NOT become an entrepreneur!

See, the hype about independence and freedom is great…AND they should all come with disclaimers. Some of the above are self-explanatory to a degree and can generate great conversation. However, I want to talk about that last point more than anything.

Yes, I too believe that most jobs out there can be mindless and considered a ‘dead-end’ for most innovative Creators. You may feel trapped at the thought that someone else tells you what you are worth and controls your leisure time table. I also believe that jobs can teach us a lot about ourselves, industry trends, potential unfilled niches, delayed gratification, budgeting, people skills (cause people be people-ing!), and most definitely about a work ethic.

It is my belief that a so-called ‘dead-end’ job that pays the bills creates an environment where we can commit to a task, yet leave room for personal growth – such as creating healthy habits and writing your long-term vision for your life. You learn about what you do and don’t want out of life. You don’t take yourself so serious all the time and can learn to appreciate mistakes made along the way to success. You gain clarity on what your values are. You can learn to appreciate the time you have and create a lifestyle so that you don’t waste that precious time chasing things that aren’t aligned with those values.

It’s important to note that most successful entrepreneurs had very bumpy roads and lots of ‘luck’ they could never control (I call ’em blessings!). Don’t be ashamed of your current job – learn what you can about yourself, pay your bills on time (great habit to implement BEFORE entrepreneurship!), and stretch yourself…you’ll need the strength for what’s coming!

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