Keep Your Temple Clean

Trash In Trash Out

Positive Vibes In Positive Vibes Out

Filthiness In Filthiness Out

Happiness In Happiness Out

Negativity In Negativity Out

Peacefulness In Peacefulness Out


Do you know what message I am conveying to you? Many years ago I delivered a sermon called Take Out The Trash. I was letting the congregations know what we allow in our minds affects our attitudes which eventually comes out of mouths. My favorite is the cussing Christian.  Lol. We profess a love for Jesus and the Lord but we will cuss someone out in a hot minute when they are on our reserve nerve. Right?

Don’t be quiet now. Don’t stop saying amen. Oh are you mad? Do you feel like cursing at me? Lol. Ohhh…I’m the only person who knows we do this?

 I know what you are saying. God knows my heart. God does know your heart and he loves everything about you. God made you a very special and beautiful package for your parents.

How do we feel as believers after we yelled and screamed offensive words at our family and friends and then went into the church house singing……“Blessed The Lord. Oh My Soul. And All That’s Within Me. Bless His Holy Name.” It doesn’t feel good. Does it?

 I understand humans are not perfect. But I feel like we should do a better job of monitoring our temple gates. Don’t you want to be the best you? Don’t you want to feel better about yourself? Do you want to be a classy, positive, and self- controlled human being? Am I asking for too much? I am sorry but we need step it up. I feel as if we just don’t care anymore.

There are many negative situations going on in the world today. Don’t circum to refutation mindsets and attitudes that don’t help you to be your best. You deserve better than that.

Today, Tomorrow, 3 months, and a year from now. Keep your temple clean. Take out the trash. Bring positivity, happiness, and a calm way of handling unfavorable circumstances into your life.






Coach Tee

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