Keeping a positive attitude in spite of…

  After hearing about so much bad news, I decided to stay away from the t.v. news. I could no longer stand to listen to the same stories being replayed. I didn’t want them to be on repeat in my head. I had to do something different. So, I decided to start adding in periods throughout my day where I could listen to happy music and watch happy programs.  I had to see that I do have a choice in what I watch and listen to. I have decided to do deep breathing and meditation. I make myself laugh a hearty laugh at least once a day. While the outside world remains in chaos, it is up to us to make our minds that place where we destress, detox and filter. This is the ultimate way to renew your mind. Do it daily and as needed. 

In addition to detoxing my mind. I have decided to continue on my journey of  decluttering my home. This month I chose to do a no spend outside of essential items only. Of course bills still get paid. Just no extra shopping for clothes, shoes or other non-essential items. I do my daily online look and see. However, I keep it moving.  I am selling on a Mercari store, The Shopping Woman, as I look forward to making a profit off of the excess items in my home. 

I like to blog just to express how I am feeling . It releases stress also. This is the time that creativity will flourish. Let it flow. Use this time to figure out where you really desire to be in life. Keep a positive attitude and keep moving forward, in spite of. 

Written by Sophie Wells 6/22/2020

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