Keys to Success

The keys to success are not made up of a complex formula that only a few people have access to.  In order to be successful in any area of your life, you must have a genuine desire to grow or progress.  Without a desire for progress (not your family, significant other or friends desire) that emanates fr0m you, progress will not be sustainable.  You must do the work to determine your authentic desires for success.  Secondly, you need to develop a realistic plan for success.  Your plan should be customized for your life circumstances and not based on someone else’s circumstances.  Customization will allow adjustments for the facts surrounding your life and allow for development of a plan that is truly unique to you.   It is also important to remain flexible in your plan to allow modifications for unexpected occurrences, because as we all know, life happens and can be unpredictable.  Consistency in your action steps is critical to success.  We all have days or even weeks where we fall off of our path and this is normal.  You have got to get back up and one of the ways to do this is to keep your plan visible as a daily reminder of what you are working toward.  Get an accountability partner and stay connected with established checkins on the status of your progress, roadblocks and barriers.  Having an accountability partner can provide valuable feedback on your progress, tracks and encourages your success, and gives raw feedback when you begin to veer off course.  An accountability partner can also assist you in determining solutions to barriers in your progress.  I encourage you to be firm and disciplined with yourself but having patience with yourself will keep you moving forward when you get tired.  Your journey to success will be unique to you and an amazing opportunity to grow and connect with others.  Be sure to enjoy every small step that you take towards success as this is where life lessons occur and wisdom is developed.  You have everything in you to attain success in all areas of your life.  It really is this simple.



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