Kill Your Vices..Birth your purpose!

A write up on my latest meme about birthing your purpose and letting go of those vices. It’s a must read! Motivational!!

We all need a break from reality sometimes, so we put in our PTO at work or if you’re an entrepreneur you block out a week or 2 on your schedule and take you a vacation. Well that’s sounds like the typical thing to do but we also can find ourselves in other activities that you would call vices when we just need a quick mental get away. For example, partying, drinking alcohol, playing video games, gambling, shopping, sex and smoking; just to name a few. Now some of these things you would see as normal, nothing crazy, until you find yourself adding these things to your routine as a way to fill a void in your life.


Having to always find an escape in these things will be the reason you will always have to find an escape. That’s where purpose comes in.  So what in your life is missing? Do you have an idea of why you exist? Or do you feel like you were created to work during the weekday, party on the weekend, pay bills every 1st of the month and barely get a vacation? So many questions that need answers. Yes you can be entrepreneur with these issues, just because you work for yourself does not mean you have purpose. Sometimes you could be raking in the money off of a good business idea and still not be fulfilled in that area. So find something that you do naturally, that no man can take from you and no job if they were to let you go tomorrow or if that business you created for yourself still leaves you unfulfilled.


Everything you need is placed in you. Use that spare time to gain clarity. Talk to your creator. Those vices will always be here, but you’re not, so what legacy will you leave behind outside of a life insurance policy that is barely you’re annual salary. There is no better way to fill the void than having what you want out of life become reality for you so that you don’t have to escape it. Know yourself, know your worth. Kill those vices. 

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