Know Thyself

Discover who you are.

It took me years to understand who I truly was in Christ. Yes I knew the scripture. Yes I was a church girl. Yes I was active in the church. However, I did not know the treasure I possessed. I did not know I was purposed and that I was here on assignment. I did not know my worth. I did not know God himself had predestined me for greatness. I did not know I was apart of his plan for mankind. I did not know I had a special part to play in the transformation of other men and women. 

I did not know thyself. Question? Do you know yourself ? Do you know who you are and why you are here? If not, now is a great time to find out. Let me encourage you. Know that everything you need to be successful is within you. The challenge is discovering what’s within and how does God want you to use it. 

The Lesson: Seeking to know thyself will lead you to purpose.


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