It is EXTREMELY important that you understand the concept of “seeing yourself the way that God sees you”. This means finding your identity in Christ and not the world. In order for you to see yourself the way that God does, you must first understand who God is. The true revelation of God’s word comes when you have a healthy and holistic vision of who He is.


God said that women are “fiercely and wonderfully created” Fierce represents an intense aggressiveness or powerful intensity whereas wonderful describes something that is delightful or extremely good.  He put two words together to describe woman because we are special and unique to him. We are precious, pure, and powerful in God’s eyes. We represent versatility as well as diversification in the kingdom of God.


Seeing yourself the way that God sees you requires you to solidify yourself in your identity in Christ. This means letting go of titles, positions, and accomplishments that you use to define yourself as well as the labels that are rooted in societal constructs.  Next, you have to shift the way that you think and perceive things.  The Bible says, “Do not conform to the patterns of the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. (Romans 12:2)


Renewing your mind starts with filtering things that you watch, listen to, and read.  Often times we get so focused on trying to change our outer appearance that we forget that we must first detox our inner selves by purifying our heart. I challenge you to make an intentional effort to filter through the things that you listen to, watch, and or read and replace them with things that align with the truth of God’s word.

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