Know your worth

Saturday Blog:

Set your standards!

What is the difference in Standards vs Preferences? A preference is a liking for one alternative over another. A standard is a level of quality. So while liking something might initially catch our attention, our preferences don’t actually improve anything’s quality. I do believe that focusing on the physical definitely cuts down your dating pool and could possibly set you up to miss your blessing. A quality is something that can’t be changed, things that a person learns in childhood.

These ideal attributes can include:
Maturity, Openness, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Empathy, Affection and a Great Sense of Humor.

This is just to name a few. If you are a spiritual person who puts God first in your life, does your potential partner share the same beliefs. What about kids, or discipline? These are important things to find out during the “getting to know someone” phase before anything physical or emotional is formed. Is marriage the ultimate goal for you and does he have that same goal? When you know this isn’t the man (or woman) for you, don’t keep stringing them along out of boredom. Doing so can get you into a situation that you may not be able to fully recover from. Soul ties are real, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. If you know that this person doesn’t measure up to your basic standards, wish them well and keep working on you!

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