Knowing Yourself is Powerful!!!

It’s important to take the time out for yourself and learn how to date yourself.¬† Whether you are in a relationship, single or married.¬† Sometimes you must be willing to have alone time with yourself and do things you enjoy that¬† make you happy.¬†

This concept sounded kind of strange to me when I first heard about it over 16 years ago.¬† ¬†I didn’t hear about¬† it from my mom or from my dad.¬† I actually¬† heard about it from my Pastor one day at church while being a young single mom..¬† He was really big and is still big on ladies dating themselves and knowing their self worth.¬† ¬†He would always say to us ” if you want something never wait on a man to give it to you.¬† Get up and go get¬† it for yourself.¬† If you want flowers, don’t wait until Valentine’s day to receive them just go out and¬† buy them for yourself.¬† ¬†Take yourself to the movies and enjoy a nice bag of popcorn or take yourself to¬† dinner.¬† Enjoy your own company”.¬† Even during the church benediction ( a blessing the Pastor gives to the congregation right before they exit the¬† church) he would always say “and may God bless your single life.¬† You don’t need a man on your arm to make you somebody.¬† You are already somebody”.¬†¬†

Now 16 years later, I understand exactly what he meant.¬† ¬†Dating myself is so much more than I thought. It means loving yourself enough to want to make myself happy. It means self respect.¬† It means I do things that I enjoy and I learn more and more about myself.¬† I learn what I like and what I dislike and how I expect others to treat me.¬† If I don’t love myself or respect myself then, I can’t be upset when other people don’t either.¬† You show people how to treat you by what you put up with and what you allow.¬† It also means becoming the type of partner I would want in my life. Or becoming the type of friend I want to have around me.¬† It’s so easy to lose who you are or your value because you have never taken the time to get to know yourself.

If you want to start¬† dating yourself¬† but don’t know where to start¬† or maybe your a little nervous to figure it out¬† let me give you a few great ideas.

 1.   Take a cooking class or a photography class.

 2.   Do random acts of kindness for others.

 3.  Go see a movie.

 4.   Eat at a new restaurant.

 5.   Read a  book by a lake or beach.

 6.   Enjoy watching the sunset.

 7.   Take a nice drive and listen to your favorite music. 

8.   Make a list of things you always wanted to do and actually go do.          them.

9.   Buy yourself some flowers.

10.  Get dressed up and go somewhere nice

11.  Go to a museum 

12. Go to a spa.

13.  Workout.

14.  Write in a gratitude journal.

15. Work on discovering yourself purpose. 

16.  Learn to love you just as you are

17.  Take a dancing class or just learn something new.

Discovering who you are as a person is so important to learn.  Learning to not only date yourself is important but also necessary.  You decide the type of person you want to be and the type of person you want in your life.




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