Laughing is Healing

Hi Guys, it is amazing how wonderful things can be when we realize laughing is healing! I just had the most amazing laugh attack! Where we are sitting around and get an ephiphany of how it just starts coming together! lololol… Don’t compare yourself to everyone because everyone is on a different journey and will come to different realizations and will not be applying the same things that you learn in your to their lives until it makes sense. When it makes sense it will work out for everyone at the right time. The other side of this is to try your best to apply different techniques that are told to you to you your life so they can make improvements where you can.  It goes both ways honestly.  I do want to have a chance to apply things to my life if I can.  They are all wonderful, but remember they are all time consuming as well!   So it is all a matter of time. 

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