Being Called To Lead Others Is A Generous Blessing.

Are you a Regular Leader or Fruitful Leader? 

– What does it mean to effectively lead? Just listen and respond. Problem solve and find solutions. Lead the pack, speak when necessary and remain silent when empty. What is your leading style? Let’s explore and learn together.    

– I became the owner of my heart and leader my life first. Meaning I reconstructed myself from the inside/out. Because great leaders always manage themselves efficiently. But knowing yourself isn’t always enough. One thing that was always prevalent within my mind was I don’t just want to be any regular leader, I want to be a Great Leader with a strong sense of acumen. The rarest of exceptions with a boundless mind accompanied by boundaries of morality. 



– The humble truth is, with adequate support, proper motivation and the right principles, anyone can grow into a great leader. I had to learn to lead. On my way to the top I came to the realization that becoming a great leader is to understand that leadership is more than just a position and making a conscious decision to be someone worth following. I knew I never wanted to be the leader that is concerned about their status and/or my position at an organization. Because the true job of a leader isn’t just about being in charge. It’s about extending your care of those in our charge. For instance: instead of simply setting goals, I’m constantly thinking in an innovative and meaningful manner which results in unique visions that inspire others. I don’t want to be solely optimistic about the future, I want to cultivate and nurture optimism in others. Let’s go from visualization to actualization. I desire for us to see the bigger picturesque landscape and granular ideas. We can also create new ways delivering value. In my eyes, a commitment just isn’t enough. I need to tap into your passion and demonstrate why and how following me will help you move towards your highest of aspirations. 


– In Closing; I hope this helps you build a cohesive and trustful team. Working towards shared goals. If you want a positive outcome, you have to take full responsibility. Besides executing an introspective process, you must intentionally set positive examples for others through your genuine leadership. 


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