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From: Poetry, Prose, & Extra Long Toes: Declarations of Hope Reflection: I am shouting throughout this one, so read it again, but shouting this time…If this is all I’ll ever know, I know enough to live well and fulfill my purpose. I have met my Savior in my most wretched state; He knows me. He withholds no good thing from me, I’m whole and complete in Him. Suggestion: Write a note to yourself of what you know, then live well and fulfill your purpose. Go to https://www.leannetaylorlife.com/ https://www.amazon.com/Poetry-Prose-Extra-Long-Toes/dp/B08QR2B9K5/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= https://mymentor.life/leannetaylor https://mymentor.life www.mymentor.life

From the Book: Poetry, Prose, & Extra Long Toes:  Declarations of Hope

This is What I Know

God has not forgotten or neglected to equip me with all I need to live a great life;

I have the body I need,

I have the face I need,

I have the abilities I need,

I have the IQ I need,

I have the family I need,

I have the Spiritual gifts I need,

I have the feet, legs, and arms and hands I need,

I have the curves I need;

I am more than enough to walk in my purpose and get the job done,

Nobody has or can obtain what belongs to me,

There is plenty in this Kingdom, and no lack,

I have achieved my purpose in the fullness of time,

I will keep moving forward,

I will meet the success reserved for me,

When I appear to lose, I have won the greatest of my victories;

Difficult breaks and insurmountable challenges make me stronger and fortify me to assist others;

I am complete,

No woman and no man can take what is mine,

I am a favored child who dwells in favor, success, abundance, love, and prosperity;

I will live forever, because of Salvation!

I have never needed anything before God knew it was needed;

I know all of my needs today and tomorrow are met,

I know the Name Above All Names is sovereign.

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