Learning from others

Welcome back, 

I wanted to talk about opening up your circle. It’s common for people to encourage keeping a small circle, but I’ve found building your community strategically helps you a lot more. It allows you the opportunity to learn from people you cross paths with. It could be a co worker, neighbor even a social media influencer. They help you see a situation, task or idea from a different point of view. 

I’ve found that the more conversations I have with people the more relatable I find EVERYONE. Though our stories are different we are all working towards similar goals.

When you put your judgment to the side, forming connections with people becomes natural. In practice that looks like having a circle of people that differ in age, race but share common beliefs with you. 

As you go about life you will learn that those connections help aid in your growth in a powerful way. Thats one of the most important facets to this life-growth.

When we open ourselves to connections we thrive. So don’t be afraid to share, learn, converse and show compassion. 

“Don’t let anyone look down upon you because you are young, but set an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity” 

1 Timothy 4:12 

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