Learning something new every day

If I ask my teenage niece a question that she doesn’t know the answer to, she automatically goes to Google. Actually so do I, but once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, we either went to the library or dragged out our encyclopedia (a book or set of books giving information on many subjects or on many aspects of one subject and typically arranged alphabetically).


The library was a quiet, reverential place where we spoke in hushed tones, looked for books according to the Dewey Decimal Classification/System, checked out books and paid a small fine if we were late returning the books. Oh and under no circumstances could you borrow or check out the huge reference books (they are only for use in the library), nor could you eat or drink inside.

Fast forward to today where libraries are much more robust and interactive and information is available as soon as you search for it on your phone, laptop, computer or other electronic device and you don’t ever have to go to the library unless you choose to.


Just as some of you don’t visit the library, some of you don’t like to take medication for pain. Some natural remedies for pain include: lavender, 

rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus, cloves, and ginger. There are also other non drug treatments such as various forms of exercise (from walking to tai chi to swimming to yoga), massage, behavioral therapy and sleep that you can research. 


In addition to being able to look up information easily, we can also watch videos that show us how to do things for our own personal hygiene as well as things that help us with home, auto and other types of repairs and the list grows. Now that we have the immense capacity to learn nearly anything new, what will you choose to spend time learning today, this week, this month, this year.


My hope is that you will expand your horizons and learn something exciting, fun, useful and new and that you will share it with someone of a different generation so that each one can reach one and teach one. 

Smiles and prayers across the miles.


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