Legalizing marijuana will destroy our communities

Now I know many people will automatically go against the belief. Some same Legalizing marijuana will actually better communities and help with medical issues. The only problem is when you look into our community’s drugs are being used regularly legal or not and yet we still cannot seem to get things right. Everyone is free to do as they please but hopefully you choose better decisions to help better your place called home.  

In today’s society we live in a dog eat world. We are facing a pandemic which is only making people vulnerable and desperate. More desperate then they probably were before the pandemic because we are forcefully being told to do nothing. To sit back and wait. Have patience. Something we may not do often because everything is always at the tip of our fingers.  The convenience of having almost anything you need when you need it; can be one of the things we call a blessing and a curse.

According to an article on December 11th, 2013, ( Obama announces a funding plan to help mental health. The funding was 100 million dollars. This funding plan was passed to help many rural areas who may have struggled with mental health. This funding is a great indication that America is mentally unstable. The plan was to hopefully reach as many Americans as possible to possibly save as many lives as possible.

Now that time has passed, and we are suffering from the impact of Covid-19, mental health is getting worst! Therapist are not able to reach their clients. The rates of suicide, overdose and drug use is increasing. According to an article posted in the Washington post ( “And yet, out of the trillions of dollars Congress passed in emergency coronavirus funding, only a tiny portion is allocated for mental health. At the same time, therapists have struggled to bring their practices online and to reach vulnerable groups because of restrictions on licensing and reimbursement.” Being stuck in the house is not all sweet for everyone. There are people who do not know who to talk to or are paranoid about going outside. There are people with anxiety and no where to go. Now there is no money coming in and they have no where to go. Instead of mental heath getting better it may be getting worst. There are also people who may not know they have mental issues. This is the worst of them all because it is like not knowing you have ammonia and going outside in the rain. You will not feel the effects until it is too late.

In a time of distress people do not need and more legal drugs making our society worst. Marijuana (Weed, THC) has not been proven to help with mental health. It is a temporary fix and making it legal will only result in the same effects of alcohol. There was a time when alcohol was illegal, but people never stopped drinking it. And as years gone on now owning your own brand of liquor is indeed a great accomplishment. When in fact people are suffering from alcohol abuse. It is like we praise what is bad for us and ignore what is good for us.  Our world does not need any more substance to help suppress the pain we feel from the results of life. Our mental health is weak, and it is only allowing the blind to continue to lead the blind. If you want to use marijuana make sure you are checking on your mental health. Our health is an important part of life. Let us not ignore it anymore. Lets really be adults and do the right thing for ourselves. Once we help ourselves then we can help others.

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