Let Go!

Do you find yourself defending whether you are a control freak or not? Are you a self-diagnosed control freak?  Do you strive to nail the job, the outfit, or parenting every time?  It is hard to do it all.  And if you never let up, something’s going to give:  You!

There is one change you can make that will shift your whole life:  Let go!

Non-Control Freaks are reading this are probably amazed at why people get stressed about the little things.  But if you are a control freak, it can feel like every cell in your body is in code red when your partner places the toilet paper roll on rolling in the ‘wrong’ direction (whatever that is).  

Worry-free.  Don’t worry about yourself. You will still care and let go.  The shift is to accept that sometimes things can be good enough because you are good enough.  Let us be clear there is no way I am not saying don’t work hard, just don’t beat yourself up if the results miss being perfect (whatever that is).

Divorce.  The key to letting go is finding an inner feeling of self-contentment and divorcing yourself from the outcome, no matter what.  People will still love you if you are not perfect.  Think of your friends; it’s probably their imperfections and quirks that you love most about them.

Fear.  Is your need to get things right based on a fear of failure?  The funny thing is perfectionists often make the biggest mistake because they think they are perfect.  There is no such thing as a perfect person or outcome, which makes their efforts usually in vain.  Life is much better when we strive for joy, not perfectionism.  When you accept life isn’t perfect, you can let go of the outcome and relax!

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