Let them go for your own good…

When they ghosted you, it is not ALWAYS a bad thing, when people start acting funny towards you and you did absolutely nothing wrong it’s not ALWAYS something wrong with you!!!
People will come in your life with motives, or with certain expectations based off what they heard, or thier perspectives on you.
You could have proven them completely wrong, just by simply being you…
People even determine who you are just based off what you post (monitoring spirit) and assume they know you, but get an awakening when you present the real you in person, or you proved to be exactly who you say you are!!! It can be so many reasons a person will just walk away.
My point is, if people walk away with no explanation, know your worth to never chase, you owe no one nothing but love, peacefully let them go, never allow another human to validate who you are, just by how they present themselves in your life. That is why you NEVER put anybody so high on a pedestal…
Rejection is not always a bad thing, it can also be GOD’S protection❤

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