Let’s cause a Mindset Shift!

My post encourages you to investigate the deeply rooted issues that are more than likely a result of a mindset. What are mindsets? Where do they come from? How can we get rid of meaningless thoughts and beliefs systems. I have these thoughts to share.

There are thought processes that we put into place, over the years, that effect our mindset.  What is mindset? Mindset are groups of ideas that are adopted over time, that we find ourselves believing in. Sometimes it’s religious based, sometimes it’s culturally based, and some times it is thoughts and ideas passed on through media.  This can be a short time frame or long time frame. In most instances these, many mindsets are passed on by our ancestors or older influential people. Many of those thought processes are not serving us. Then we get into the friendship and dating realms and their mindsets and thought processes get passed on. I’ve seen these mindsets impact our self esteem, and not always for the best. Eventually our self image can erode, over time, based on other’s limiting beliefs about themselves and others capabilities. We don’t see the effects in our younger years, but as time goes by, in many circumstances, we start to double down on their  ideologies and at the end of the day, there’s no evidence of what we are being taught about life, cultures, societal norms, etc as being truth. It may be the other person’s truth. That’s always based on experience. I, as a Certified Life Coach can help sort through a lot of the thought processes that have been put into play, and get to the bottom of a lot of our behaviors. One of those behaviors could be Self-sabotaging what could be a bright future. Mindsets impact our lives on such a deeper level. If you are ready to tear down false narratives and investigate mindsets you have adopted, schedule an appointment with me. Mindset work is my passion. 

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