Let’s Get Moving – How Active Are You?

Being active is something most of us know we should do and some even set out the day with the intent to be active at some point. But then before we know it, the day has gotten away from us and not one part in our day had an active moment.
Let’s face it, in the world we live in today, everyone’s busy. Our schedules are consumed with a long list of things to do and add children in the mix, you have to not only keep up with your schedule but their schedules too. The busy days are tiring and exhausting and you think the last thing I have the energy to do is workout. But it is this very thought process, that is negatively impacting your health.
Regular exercise actually boosts your mood and strength throughout the day allowing you to complete your busy days with less stress and exhaustion. Regular exercise causes your body to feel good from the inside out.
You may already be working out a couple times a week and wondering if you are in positive health benefits range. The human body is so intelligent that it gives you signs that you re not active enough. Below are just a few:
1. You’re joints are achy and feel stiff.
2. You’re always tired.
3. You’re moody.
4. You have trouble sleeping.
5. You’re blood pressure is high.
6. You feel stressed out.
These are just some of the signs our bodies gives off to tell us that we need to put more effort into our health. Being active regularly equates to on average about 4-6 days per week. Set a goal to take better care of yourself and invest in your health. Once the goal is set, do yourself a favor and stick to it. Remember, the only workout you regret is the one you didn’t do. Let’s get moving!!

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