Let’s Get Real and Heal

Almost two years ago  I started a Facebook Blog page called: Let’s Get Real and Heal


After suffering from depression and anxiety caused by multiple adversities, I knew I must bring forth awareness to the African American community specifically. The need to change the trajectory of how many of us were raised and taught was evident. 


Focusing on stomping the stigma because my life’s quest. I needed to show all people, who were suffering silently,  that  “You are not alone”.  Creating “Let’s Get Real And Heal” was a way for me to heal.  It also was a way to help others in the healing process. 

I haven’t quit my day job, I love what I do.  I also have a need to work for me too. Not to mention that I’m damn good at both!


When you have experienced so much trauma, as I have lately. Not just this pandemic but prior too. The realization and importance regarding life becomes you. 


This is one of my life’s works thats equally important to me. A bit of information of unapologetically authentically me. 



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