Let’s Get Serious About Our Growth!

We are all human beings and we all have free will…. Nobody is perfect, but one thing that I have discovered is that time never stops. With time never stopping, this means that no matter how much we pause and dwell in our thoughts, the seconds are still going, the hours are still going, the days are still going. Each second that goes by, never comes back. The same applies with growth, in each second that goes by, we can choose to shift or we can choose to remain in the same space! Each time you choose peace, and each time that you choose to shift is a growth step closer to healing. Your time and growth is something that you should not play with, its very precious. No matter where you go or who you meet in life, you should never stop growing. Eventually we have to get to a space where we take our growth seriously!  Understand that things happen in life for a reason, most of the time if you take positive action, you will grow in the process but if you do not take heed of whats happening then you will become worse & stuck on repeat. You must learn and grow from positive and negative BUT holding on to negative situations do not help you become a better you. If you don’t strive to grow, you will become bitter! When bitterness takes control of you it can and will spread like wild fire. Nobody else is going to take your growth seriously therefore you should always take it seriously.  Its okay to take baby steps, but in everything that you face, learn from it and grow from it. Please understand that your growth is important!!! Take action today….


Love Coach Dye 🙂

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