Let’s Gooo!!

Now that we have taken flight 2021 and lightened our loads; now it is time to take the rocket 🚀 into 2022. The rocket has no windows unlike a plane which does.  A rocket is faster and goes straight up “Focused up”! So in 2021 you were looking all around; looking back; looking out the window not letting your bitterness, shame, offenses; and Unforgiveness go. Stop looking back at all these things looking back at your guilt and shame. Stop looking around to see who’s looking at you. Don’t nobody care trust me. nobody cares about your issues; don’t nobody care about your unhappiness; or about you not having joy; about you not having peace and about you not having self discipline. They don’t care because they’re focused on working on themselves and when you’re working on yourself and having self improvement; self development and focusing on self in regards to discipline and personal development you do not have time to focus on somebody else’s issues, circumstances, situations. So now that you’re focused on you and what you need to do and what you’re called to do and what your purpose is and the assignment God has on your life; now you are on the rocket looking up. There’s no windows you can’t look left on the road; you looking straight to the sky looking straight to God you have shot off into destiny. you have went from crawling to Walkin to jogging to running into your destiny now it is rocket time 2022 A season of finishers to be a season of doers. God has already prepared you. I know you are ready and things are manifesting! This is manifestation season we are faith Walker’s faith in action faith without works is dead.  You can’t have faith and not walk into it you can’t have faith and not have works. Now let’s go to work work work.

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