Life Is Not Perfect, But Good

So when you cry your tears be sure to turn to Him

At church today someone asked me “how are you Kimmy?”  And my response was “Life is good, I have no complaints”.   Then I followed that by saying “Not perfect, but good!”  


I wanna send out a prayer to those that are struggling realizing that even though they have troubles in life, that it doesn’t have to steal your joy or smile.  You still have breath in your lungs, God has given you strength and grace to be here & live through difficulties and shine on AND help others along the way.


So when you cry your tears be sure to turn to Him, seek wisdom, keep praying, and keep journeying on till your last breath.  Smile often, laugh everyday, dance with no shame, soak in the warm sun, take a cute picture, enjoy loved ones, make special memories, and appreciate life.  It’s the only one you get, make it count.  I’m cheering for you!  

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