Like and Love- From a Distance

You can love someone, and not like them

When I was younger, I heard a woman that was very dear to me say, ‘I love him, but I don’t like him’, referring to a man she was dating. I for the life of me could not understand what she meant. In my inexperienced love life, I ‘assumed’ if you loved a person, that you liked the person also. We find out through loving pains and growing pains, that we can love someone and not like the person. We were all created with the ability to love another person. The good book says, “…love your neighbor…”. I don’t believe it says that you have to like them. With that being said, you can love people with the spirit filled within you. And that, you can do from a distance. That does not mean you have to actually ‘love’ everyone. The differences in the types of love you share, is up to you. Everyone that loves you, doesn’t like you either. But unfortunately, everyone does not know the difference. We have to love ourselves enough to know the difference. We have to interpret the likes from the love, and vice versa. We have to listen before we talk and think before we act. Doing so will help us learn how to differentiate love from like. Some people call it having your guard up, other’s may call it, playing hard.  Can we just call it being smart about who we let in our space, the space that brings us peace and comfort? If you love a person, but don’t like them. You can love them from a distance and they will be just find, over there and not in your space of peace and comfort. The same goes for if you like a person , but don’t love them. But, if you like and love a person, we still need to be our own bodyguard and keep them at a distance, until they prove they are worthy of your peace and comfort. 

If you think you like someone and you think you love them and it turns out they are not worthy of you, that means you did not stop talking long enough to listen, and you acted without thinking. Now you have growing pains and love pains. We must listen to that little voice to tell us to stop. In the Name of Love.

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