Live! Lead! And leave behind you a sparkle of decency and honor, with dignity, peace, love and respect for others regardless of their situation and circumstances. Be the stand you need to be, when you need to be it! Be responsible with having some Integrity! Help where you can! Pray for, when you can't help! Peace & Love. To God be the glory.

As for me and mine.  All I ever really wanted to do is, to make the same difference and/or impact my parents made in the lives of others.  Growing up I was teased and taunted a lot until community got to know us better.  Back then there were no sign language community like there has been and is today.  And if there was I didn’t know anything about it.  Only the ones within the family.  After all of those trials and tribulations my parents would embrace community as if nothing ever really happened.  That’s why I paid so much attention to Mommy and Daddy.  Since the passing of both my parents I’ve had individuals come up to me, to share with me, the positive impact my parents had on them and their families when we were living in our communities.  I didn’t know that, until I heard that personally from each and every one of them!  Now I wondered what communities would say about me?  So far what I’ve heard from my wonderful Son & Daughter has amazed me everyday!  I’m in tears right now.  Because I had to fight to get where I am and what I’ve got almost everyday, most of my life.  I didn’t feel like I was made to be felt like my parents and I were good enough.  I even felt shame. But I always remembered what they did!  And I became who they were.  And sometimes I didn’t like it.  Cause I wanted pay back.  But that is not what I saw them do.  I saw them take a stand and pray.  They were both protectors and providers.  And please don’t get it twisted Daddy ain’t take no s**t off anybody either.  You give what you wanna receive.  They didn’t play.  But was always respectful.  With my children and their friends and some of their friends families say a lot of wonderful things about who I am and how I’ve shown up for them.  I have personally adopted other sons and daughters because of my own.  It’s been shared that even in some of our own communities others have shared with my children the difference I have made in them unknown to me until now.  This is what keeps me alive.  Thriving to be the best me I can ever be naturally without even knowing.  There is a quote “Dance like nobodies watching.”  My quote is “Live to make the difference without even knowing.”  Now that comes from the heart of God.  I don’t wanna keep going cause I will.  If I can help you to help yourself book a coaching session with me.  And please if I can’t help, get the help you need from a healthy individual you can trust.  God bless y’all now.  Amen. And so it is!

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