Looking for someone who loves you?

Are you looking for someone who loves you, cares for you, understands you beyond limits?
Here is a very good question to ask yourself:
Do you love yourself?
There are many people in the world who haven’t a clue of what this looks like. Do you have enough courage to self-love?? If your answer is “yes, but..”, you may want to go back an re-evaluate. If you truly love yourself, there shouldn’t be a “but” that follows.
If you truly love yourself and understand the value of self-love, then you will not run behind the world for it. However there are many in the world that are struggling with this and have no idea what self-love is and how to even apply it.
Remember that self-love is not about having money, a good job, a house, or being illustrious. It is all about loving yourself, believing in yourself, knowing that you are the one who can do and achieve anything! It is about knowing your worth, your value, and your power and knowing that you are the one who loves yourself more than anyone else. YOU ARE ENOUGH!! It means taking care of yourself, ranking yourself at the top, being honest and nice with yourself. The same way you go all out for your close friends and family– try that type of love on yourself! You will never accept anything “less than” again.
You must always Love yourself!! There are often times where there may not be anyone there to support you (or so you may feel). Whenever you feel lonely, remember that this is a time when you need yourself.
Be your best friend, love yourself, first and foremost before you require others to do so. Today spare some time from your busy routine. Take a deep breath, relax, and start practicing self-love. Why?~~ Why not!

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