May Polaris, Sirius, Rigel, Pleiades and Antares harmonize your isolated dark nights.

– When I was an adolescent I used to frequent a 161 acre park located in my hometown with my parents and my brother. It was a typical family outing. This park was also one of the first developed parks in my county. But the most prominent aspect of this park, was it’s prepossessing lake. I remember getting so close to the edge of the lake, just to admire the moss, inhale the the earthy odor of algae and rejoice in the chemical elements this Lake had vivaciously produced. There was something lovely about the loneliness of this medium stretch of water. The still waters gave me ample opportunity to see myself in a reflection that only this lake could provide. For once my Mind was still. Watching my reflection slowly sink to the bottom of her floor, never again to reappear was inviting, yet despondent. Why would this fathomless Lake be lonesome? I’d ponder this question often on my 3.5 mile/15 minute ride home. Hence; She is surrounded by woods and ancient trees, branches long and disintegrated. Barks rich with intense won battle scars. Leaves in all shapes and sizes, color coordinated with vigorous shades of bright greens, yellow, orange and brown. But most of all sitting on top of a masterfully crafted landscape only human eyes can properly illuminate. The ducks would often make a wide range of calls, ranging from cooing, whistles and of course quacking. However, The aggressive groans and hisses would arguably come from Giant Snow White Swans. Friendly and inviting is what I like to remember it as, it was melodic and tuneful. Only than you know where the fish and ducks would go under a blue sky and under a midnight sky. 


– Aside from the euphonious sounds and it’s majesty alongside charm. Your morning mist and evening fog soothed my soul with a gentle yet tumultuous silence. During the day you could easily pass as a fine art painting. Blessed and happy with what you really are and not intimidated by the Great Oceans of the world. But come dusk and suddenly you carried a heavy recess of feelings, otherwise impenetrable. Forcing the stars that shimmer upon your solitude to console you. Polaris, Sirius, Rigel, Pleiades and Antares harmonizing your isolated dark nights. You fell in-love with the stars in such a fondly manner, leading you to be fearless come nightfall. You gave me so much, you’ve seen me in many phases and ages of life. You were comfort when I closed my eyes, soft organ music, sweet smell of mountain. You took the shell of my body until my heart swelled, allowing me to diffuse into the infiniteness of one. At one with peace. 


– I owe it to my future to treasure and preserve this lakes beautiful essence. To honor my past and pass on your noble beauty for generations to come. Because in my adolescent heart this little tranquil lake was more significant to my life than any amusement park or barbie. 

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