Self Care is a practice


Im glad you stopped by, and today I’m talking about self care. I consider self care to be acts of service for yourself. These continual habits help you to maintain a quality life. Its important to set time to be gentle with yourself. ¬†Below are a few common self care habits ¬†you can incorporate into your routine.¬†

  • Waking up early so you have time to bathe and have breakfast
  • Exercising for 30 minutes a day
  • Reading books you enjoy
  • Journaling your thoughts¬†
  • Prayer and meditation¬†
  • Lighting candles¬†
  • Playing softer music more regularly¬†
  • Investing in a few comfortable lounge wear pieces
  • Actually taking your work breaks
  • Consider not taking calls after a certain time

Even just a few moments to yourself makes a world of difference. I hope you continue to listen to your body and create time to cater to you. 

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