Love yourself

Loving yourself is about knowing who you are. In life we love and care about material things, and people (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, members of our church, the Pastor, etc.).   It is equally important to love ourselves as well.  This includes our mind, soul, and body.  We must continue to grow and heal from our past hurts or pain.  Sometimes loving yourself involves knowing how you make others feel and how they make you feel. You must have love for oneself and celebrate your life.

GOD loves us even when we sin, “a sin is a sin”, no matter how big or small, but that never stops GOD from loving us. God’s love is persistent, constant and never ever changes.   That is why we can’t just rely on our power to change or heal, we need help from God.  We should take into consideration that we can’t do it alone.

God is our provider, protector and savior.

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