Make Sure You Don’t Miss A Session!!

Make sure you add to your contacts so you don't miss a booking.

This week we’ve had a couple of coaches miss sessions. This really upsets clients because in most cases they’ve rearranged their entire day for this session. In this case, we ask that you refund the client and offer to have the session at no cost. They write in through the site and we ask them if they’d like to reschedule the session, but we don’t offer a refund because that’s your duty as a coach.

Here are some tips so you don’t miss a session:

  • Make sure the email you signed up with is the email you use EVERY DAY.
  • Add to your contacts/address book so it doesn’t go to spam
  • Make sure you check your spam folder daily if you haven’t added to your contacts
  • If you’re using an outdated email address like yahoo, aol, hotmail, etc, please create a email address and update it on MyMentor
  • When you receive your booking, please make sure you add it to the calendar in your phone immediately, and set a reminder in your phone about your session
  • Save the client’s phone number in the notes section of your calendar on your phone, as well as his or her email in case you need to send a message before the session.
  • If you check your spam and you notice you’ve missed a session, please log into paypal and issue a refund. Also email the client to apologize and extend a free session. Feel free to explain to the client that MyMentor’s email went to your spam folder and you hadn’t gotten in the habit of logging in daily to check your calendar to see if you’d been booked.
  • If you get booked and you can’t make the session, please email the client and let them know you have a schedule conflict and ask if they’d be kind enough to reschedule.

Don’t worry too much. It happens to everyone. Clients can be understanding at times, and other times they are very demanding. Save yourself the headache and just send a refund if you realize this client is a tough case.

Please, please, please, log in daily and or check your email daily! This may be a new venture for you, but this site actually works so you must be in expectation of being booked monthly!

Happy Coaching!