Making yourself a priority!

I can’t stress enough how you must make yourself a priority. How do you make yourself a priority when all of your life, everyone else’s needs were put before yours? You have to honor your feelings. If you are feeling sad, deal with it. Remember how you used to hug and console others, it’s now time to do it for yourself. During my healing process, I can honestly see the importance of honoring my feelings. I feel special. I am actually validating that it’s o.k. to deal with my own emotions. There is also a power attached to it. Now I see that I no longer need anyone to feel me, or understand me.¬†

I also enjoy having a hearty laugh! Daily!¬† I no longer wait for someone to make my day.I no longer wait for the good morning text. If someone makes my day, it’s a bonus. You see, I have already¬† prepared myself for a great day! Do you see the value of doing it for yourself? I see it as clear as water now! All of the times I was waiting for a man to take me to a nice place to eat, was done in vain. Most of the time men wanted to take me somewhere nice, so that I could pay for it later on my seemed like a chore, just to be taken out for dinner. Now I understand that I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to, I just¬† treat myself right! I just do it! All for me!

I understand the value of spending quality time with myself! Telling myself how beautiful and intelligent I am. I get with myself early in the morning, or late at night and talk up myself. No man will ever have the power to control, or take away my ability to love on myself. Ever. Ever. Ever. Again.

I make myself a priority by spending money on myself.   I allowed men to use their lies to get cash from me. I accept full responsibility for my part in the bad relationships in the past. So over it and moving on. I love sending myself little just because gifts. I learned this from Tony Gaskins, he sends things to his wife.  So every pay period I will send myself a just because gift of my choice. 

As I make  myself a priority, I realize I am very picky about what I want in my environment. I enjoy a nice clean environment. I enjoy things smelling nice and fresh. I enjoy certain colors more than others. I also realize, I am a girly, girl. LOL!

As I continue my healing journey I am so honored to be in my own presence. I realize that I am special, and¬† I don’t need anyone to tell me that anymore.

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Written by Sophie Wells 7/22/20

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