Manage your thoughts 💭

Spring cleaning is usually for our homes and garages. But I'd like to suggest spring cleaning our thoughts. Let memories of the past and decisions that you have made that didn't work out the way you wanted them to be cleared out. Our minds are so clever & powerfully strong. It's time we make room for new ideas and mindsets.

Nowadays people suffer with more depression and anxiety that ever before. It’s the times we’re living in, social media, everything is at our fingertips. We barely have to think, that’s the problem. We don’t like to do the work of organizing of thoughts which largely causes of actions to be rushed. 

It’s time to slow down, maybe pick up an actually book or sit down while you eat. Our poor little bodies are drained and tired, our software is fried. 

The same way we delete old files, pictures and reports from our laptops/phones is the same way we need to remove old outdated thoughts, memories and information that no longer serves us.

When our minds are at ease we will be better, in general. Our sleep will be peaceful once our mind can shut down. Our energy levels will rise and we’ll be able to think more clearly. 

There’s no reason we should hold on to past hurts and pain from 1969. There’s power in letting go and not remembering every detail of an argument you have with an ex five years ago. 

The real power lies in moving forward with your life. Allowing your mind, spirit & heart to be free… Open to all the new things to come.


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