Matters of the human race…

I grew up learning what racism is and as a result, it opened my eyes to the fact that some people will hate me solely because of the color of my skin. In today’s society, I believe that more emphasis should be placed on prejudice and discrimination. Many people are so heavy laden by the idea of hatred based on skin color that they sometimes forget how far the spectrum spans. The fact is that not all non-black people are racist. By the same token, not all black people love and accept other black people. Furthermore, I am also a woman…and there are some people within and outside of my race who will hate me simply for that fact. Prejudice and discrimination should be more focused on because it is all-inclusive…it acknowledges hatred and injustice on every level. Prejudice and discrimination covers mistreatment due to race, gender, age, social class, etc. It is when we expand our minds to this truth that we can see the true fallacy of hatred and injustice. It is when we acknowledge this reality that we can better empathize and relate as a whole. 

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