Measure Your Life

When we’re trying to loose weight, we offer take assessment of our weight at the beginning, measure our chest, waist and hips, along with get on the scale. This will give us a good view of what our numbers are before we start on the weight loss journey. This same information will be used when we are done with our weight loss journey to show what we accomplished. Having the ability to see the difference in the measurements gives us such an accomplishment.

Have thought about doing the same thing with your life? Measuring your life?


This is how you measure your life.

1.Find out the age of the eldest female and how old they are now, or how old they lived. It can be your mother, grandmother, or aunt.

2. Take a measuring tape, preferably one with length of 100 inches.

3. Find the age of your eldest female on the measuring tape.

4. Tear or market the tape at that point.

5. Now, find your age on the measuring tape.

Now look at how much tape you have use up, which symbolizes your past. Next, look at how much tape that you have left, which symbolizes the anticipated number of years you ‘might’ have.
For me, my grandmother recently received her Angelic wings at the age of 97. I am 49. This assignment gives me an estimated 48 years of life left. Therefore, If I don’t have it together by now, that means I have spent half of my life trying to get it together. Am I going to waste, literally, the other half of my life. SOMETHING has to change, and it has to be me.

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash


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