“Medley On My Mind”

Last Week Was An Informative week. Each Day Brought Some Fresh And Enlightening News. It Was Solid As A Rock! And I Am Shining Brightly! And So It was! 🙏🙏🙏 😇 ✌&❤

Last week was an awesome week.  I was invited to join a virtual business summit, Monday-Friday, 3-3 1/2 hrs per day.  And work my temporary job with the Census to fund launch/relaunch my business.  Building! While I am also writing my second book and much more!

The AMPLIFY + EMPOWER Summit was off the chain.  Intense!  Electrifying!  Full of Golden Nuggets!  Day 1:  KNOW IT!  Day 2:  SHOW IT!  Day 3:  GROW IT!  Day 4:  SECURE IT!  Day 5:  SPEAK IT! 

Changed my whole business mindsets.  I mean now that I have this information, I have learned so much more about how to run the type of business I am to operate, has been a wonderful experience. 

I would not have known to ask any of the questions for which the answers were gifted to me out of this summit! 

Dynamic 6-7 figure Transformational Speakers!  My head was spinning round and around.  I may have even cried.  Well alright!  I cried!  Tears of joy.  I was a little over whelmed too.  Because with all that I was learning was no longer giving me permission to run a successful transformational life coaching and motivational/inspirational speakers business.  It taught me that with my skills, passion, purpose, and service for others is more powerful than I could have imagined.  Lol!  And I have a huge imagination. 

Meaning I do not choose.  I have been chosen!  I’ve got to work harder and smarter!  Put the metal to the pedal.  Thank you for everything.  I’ve been doing this all along.  But now what I’ve been a custom to doing has more meaning and structure.  There is something unique about my business, my clients, me, myself and I, lol.  For real, for real!  Awesome, I appreciate you.  Lisa Nichols and Sean Smith.  

Just an up date for you guys.  I want you to understand how serious life coaching is.  It is a life changing process.  It’s no small matter!  Your life can be and will be transformed if you do the work!  Okay enough of that!  Wow!  Hmm!  Ooh!  Okay.

I looked back on all of my post here on mymentor.life last week.  This is the catalyst that drives me in the mornings, mymentor.life, yes, yes, yes,yes!  Thanks to Tony Gaskins Jr.,  I love and appreciate you my Brother.  Your dynamic and awesome yourself.  Your certification course helped me in more ways than I can explain.  Thank you!

So my first post last week started, Sunday, 9/13/20;  Speak Your Truth!  Own It.  Monday, 9/14/20;  Daddy’s Little Girl! Tuesday, 9/15/20;  Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Wednesday, 9/16/20;  Your Happy Life Requires Practice!  Thursday, 9/17/20;  “You Have Mastery And Dominion Over Your Personal Lifestyle.”  Friday, 9/18/20;  “You Can Make It If You Try.”  Saturday, 9/19/20;  “Everybody Is A Star.”… What a week!  

Please reflect on last week.  I will.  In the meantime I’ve gotta bring you some juice for this up coming week.  Thanks y’all.  I love you and ain’t nothing you can do about it.  Peace & Love.  🙏🙏🙏 😇  Blessings!  -Celestine 



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