Men vs Women

Understand the importance of healing.

         There are constantly men criticizing women or women criticizing men and it seems to be a community among the sexes that have a perspective based on their emotional traumas or based on one sex not understanding the other. Not to say your perspective is not valid but you also have to keep in mind that your perspective cannot be placed on a whole group of human beings because your experience cannot speak for everyone. I hear from male/female say they are not bashing but just telling the truth and people don’t like the truth/accountability. Who is anyone to say what truth is fact for everyone? Thats your truth.

           We also have to stop speaking from others experiences because that’s not your truth. For example your parents. You can learn from their experience but do not internalize it. I think until we get to that place of healing ourselves, we will continue to choose wrong and let the ideas we created in those experiences for the opposite sex control the way we interact/perceive them. Self awareness is where it starts. To be honest  most of us including myself are not married or had a successful long term relationship so until you are able experience that you also need to ask yourself why? because you are what you entertain. A lot of people speak out of the fear or a state of paranoia of dealing with their past experiences again. I just begun my healing process 5 months ago and I had been hurt so many times by men and I have not once placed my experiences on a whole group even before I started.

       Some people may say well how are people to know to change if you don’t see others perspective. Well I say to you their growth has to come from an open place and not forced.

You cannot change the world from a broken place when you are only seeking to be heard and agreed with and not to understand. Also since we live in a world where opinions will never die, if it does not apply…. you know the rest. Try to avoid being triggered by someone else’s opinion if it’s not your truth. That’s often where the disagreements/debates on who is right and wrong begin. To the person on the other end of that you can argue and say when people get triggered it stems from it being truth but we have to get away from trying to trigger people and be more intentional for change. I’m not saying all this to say that people cannot have a perspective but what place is it coming from? Ask yourself that and reevaluate your thinking. Easier said than done I know, it takes growth. Let’s stop the divide and heal as a community.

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