Mentally strong people analyze their mistakes so they don’t repeat them over and over.

Mentally strong people analyze their mistakes and learn from them.

Mentally strong people don’t make the same mistake over and over

“Mentally strong people don’t metaphorically dust themselves off and get right back on their horse. They pause to figure out why they fell off in thefirst place before getting back on.”  Amy Morin

When you own and study your mistakes, you’re less likely to slide back into your old ways.


Experience less resistance to owning and studying a mistake you’ve made by imagining it was made by someone else. See yourself in the third person and identifythe factors that led to the mistake: thoughts, behaviors, and external factors. Then, like a coach giving homework to a student, write down an alternative action theycan take the next time those thoughts, behaviors, and external factors arise.

Now, generate a list of reasons you want to avoid this mistake in the future.


“Carry this list with you. When you’re tempted to resort to your previous behavior pattern, read this list to yourself. It can increase your motivation toresist repeating old patterns. For example, create a list of reasons why you should go for a walk after dinner. When you’re tempted to watch TV insteadof exercise, read the list and it may increase your motivation to move forward.”  Amy Morin




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