Mentors or Mistakes

When you are navigating a new chapter in your life, whether it’s divorce, being a single parent, co-parenting or even becoming part of a blended family, you need to get a mentor! Now obviously you can hire a life coach or a professional therapist to walk you through this new time, but there are other cost-efficient ways to find a mentor. Facebook has many different groups depending on your situation as well as a few other social sites. If for some reason you cannot find one specific to your needs, you can create one. There is also meetup.com where you can fellowship with people with your same interests (after quarantine). When I first became a bonus-mom I joined a community of other women and men in blended families. Some of our churches even offer small groups based off your current life situation. Surround yourself with people who not only understand your new position, but who are where you want to be in that situation. If someone is divorced and only complains about their co-parent or has nothing but negative things to say, you probably do not want their help dealing with your divorce. If your friend-girl is still bitter after her divorce three years ago, you may not want to ask her opinion on coping with your ex’s new spouse and blended family. You want to be sure the people you are being mentored by are healthy and whole in their situation. Life is not fair and none of us are perfect so trials will come, and mistakes will be made. Just remember while we will make mistakes, some of them can be avoided with proper guidance. In life we learn from mentors or mistakes, find your mentor today!


-Miss Kris



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