Mighty Mindset

3 key ways to ease our minds at this difficult time

Hello everyone! 

Now more than ever we need to feed our minds the proper fuel. 

How can we do that? A few ways…

One is to focus on facts not faults. Two is to strive for existing not excellence. Lastly, three is to give, not give up…

Did you look at those three ways and think how in the world can those help with your mindset?! 

Easily actually! They all involve looking in not out for the fuel source…please let me elaborate

One…FACT– you are doing the best you can given the current road we are all traveling down. FACT– for many this is unfamiliar territory and we feel like tourists in our own home. Focus on the FACT that you are navigating through and you are SO not alone at all. Do your sincere best not to focus on your faults by shaming yourself for your lost and displaced feelings as we all charter this foreign new normal💚

Two…so many are learning a new skill, a new language, trying new hairstyles, planting a garden, you name it! More power to them! Seriously if people are using this time to expand activities that’s absolutely wonderful…BUT, we all aren’t gaining the new because the NOW is just too much. It is very true that activities can enhance our mood and create purpose for us… however, if you don’t have it in you right now, let it be ok. Existing is far more important than excelling right now. Please do your sincere best to understand when you have days of inactivity and allow your mind to rest and reset for the next day🧡

Three…give. GIVE yourself a break. GIVE yourself the benefit of the doubt. GIVE yourself the same patience you believe others deserve. GIVE your mind a moment to process everything happening literally on a daily basis…it is a LOT…GIVE your feelings time to settle, they are valid and meaningful. GIVE yourself love… Please do your sincere best to GIVE IN (inside) not give up…💚

These ways are directed inward for a reason. A positive mindset starts and ends within. A MIND that is SET is less likely to shift when our road twists and turns.🧡

It is my sincerest hope that you enjoyed my thoughts and that you will reach to me if you’d like to continue this conversation about how we can equip our minds for this LifeTrip…one mile at a time!🧡💚🧡💚

Offering you my best, 

Teena Marie

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