Mind, body and spirit

I will never understand how or why I spent decades in the church, seeking answers that never came. I was waiting for an unknown force to come and save me from being fat, broke and disgusted. I felt as if I had no real power or charge in my own life. I was so wrong.

Now I have stopped putting my life into Someone else’s hands. I take full responsibility for how I eat and how much. I take full responsibility for my money. I take full responsibility for my own happiness. I take full responsibility for knowing there is a higher power over me. It was never meant for a Pastor to be over my life even from a spiritual perspective. It was meant for me to step up and do the work! 

I finally get that no one is coming to save me. The universe which is my deemed higher power has given me more than enough wisdom. I just have to walk in it. Thank you universe for teaching me that with you, all things are possible.

Written by Sophie Wells 6/17/2020

You tube The Money Woman

You Tube The ex church girl

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