Mind Over Matter

Do you find that there are particular areas in your life where you allow anxiety and fear to control your thoughts and will not let you go?  Maybe it is your that home needs to be utterly clean at every moment, or that you over-deliver at work because you cannot bear the possibility of you not being the best at everything.

It’s a guarantee that things in life won’t transpire exactly as you want them to.  That is not a problem in itself. That’s just one of the rewards of being a human.  How you deal with this reality is the challenge.  As with most things, there is a solution. It is to lessen your grip and start to let go of the outcome.

Are you wondering how you can just let go?  

The first step is to remain aware and pay attention to when you feel yourself holding on too tight to a situation or outcome.

Notice your intentions.  When you are cooking a meal for others, is it to give everyone a beautiful experience or for praise for yourself at the end of it?  

If you are clinging too tightly to a romantic relationship, is it because you love this person, or because you want people to think of you as part of the perfect couple?

Notice when you start to feel agitated or begin to get worked up that things aren’t exactly how you want or would do them. You get to decide which is less stressful and more rewarding for you.

Once you start to notice the feeling, tell yourself ‘it is no big deal,’ This will be tough at first, but keep reminding yourself until you begin to believe it.

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