Change your mindset and you change your life.¬† You’re thoughts¬† are everything and they determine the quality of the life¬† ¬†you will have.¬† Your thoughts will dictate if you will experience anxiety, sadness,¬† happiness etc.¬† ¬† You are probably asking well how do you do that ? Well its definitely¬† a practice.¬† It takes self awareness and slowing your life down as much as possible to actually be able¬† live in the moment of what you are doing.¬† When you practice this you are¬† practicing self awareness and then you are¬† able to focus on the thoughts that you are thinking.¬† And always remember if you have a negative thought that is not supportive or loving¬† towards yourself you know that’s not coming from you its coming from your ego or your wounded self.¬† That part of you that was wounded.¬† You have to replace that negative thought with the truth of who you are.¬† You are worthy, you are valuable and you are enough!!!

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