Mindset Moment of the Week: Stay the Course!

The first post of a new series breaking down quotes from my book Destined for Greatness: 90 Days of Transformational Affirmation. What is this week's quote: “Don’t follow trends. Follow your purpose” Join me as a I reflect on being able to stand in your truth instead of conforming to the world. How do we maintain our persistence even when we can't see immediate results? This blog will give you the encouragement you need to STAY THE COURSE!

“Don’t follow trends. Follow your purpose”

Social media can be the greatest enemy to our success. It’s not only because you are scrolling for hours upon a time.

Most of all, you may find yourself in a constant state of comparison.

I recall seeing some of my friends having success doing certain trendy posts, such as dances and challenges. It put me into a place of questioning if I needed to do that to be noticed and receive accolades as well.

Was I missing the mark? Did I need to shift my approach to look like everyone around me?

In that moment of assessment, I stepped into another truth: everything isn’t for everyone.

I could do the trendy challenge but that may have not created any difference in my results. If anything, it may create a negative impact. Why?

Because it confuses the tribe of people who do see my value. There was a reason they connected with me. Because they saw the AUTHENTIC VALUE within me that resonated with their spirit.

As long as I stayed consistent with that, my tribe would build organically. The lesson: staying in my lane will get me further in my journey than swerving in other people’s lane.

Have you found yourself swerving into other people’s lanes due to frustration with your own?

I get it. Things may not be moving as fast as you want.

Opportunities may not be coming as frequently as you expected.

People aren’t taking notice as you expected.

Consider this. It’s great to have the light shine on your image. Have you also taken the time to ensure your picture is vivid?

More directly, the clearer you are in your purpose, the more the right people will gravitate towards you.

Trends are temporary. Your purpose is permanent. Stay the course!  

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