My daughter gave me the fuel I needed to put my best foot forward in my healing process. I made the conscious decision to stop poor self-esteem with me. I now have a desire to help women and young girls around the world overcome the same issues.

I use to hide from mirrors because it showed the ugly that others couldn’t see. I would blame the enemy for my short comings when really it was the “inner me”. I did not see what others saw in me and the pain was too heavy; my insecurities had crippled me. It took for my daughter to say ” Mommy, I don’t want to be brown because it’s ugly” to realize that my inner child was screaming at me. I spent years running from the mirror only to stare back at it in the curious eyes of my baby. This stops with me. It’s time to dig deep. The only way to heal is to face the WOman in the mirror. I had to face, love, and support…ME!

What you run from will continue to find you. Face those terrifying fears. That is the only way to build confidence and self-esteem. The person in the mirror WILL help you heal.

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