Mirroring Responses

Setting standards in any relationship

After considering the time you shared and time spent communicating, time goes by and the texts get shorter, calls become slim to none and then you begin to wonder…”what did i do, maybe i should have said?” Neither applies to reality as it is, best practice is to mirror the investment of the other person. Let me explain-

You recall the date or the get togethers went well, he or she called and agreed to keep in touch, a day or two go by and no text or call came thru, now you’re torn up with emotions. Consider this- you have other prospects that haven’t even been addressed, perhaps taking into account it was just a date, possibly bad timing and get this “you’ve got other things to achieve with your time”.

When i say “mirror” I mean return the behavior shown by the other person, if no call or communication comes through, keep it moving and when it does come don’t bring in what didn’t occur or how long it has been since. Best practice is to address it as if  this is the 1st time, and by no means ask “why the delay?” Set standards from this point forward of how you will accept to be treated and what they can expect of you.

Let’s work together to get a better handle on managing your responses to situation such as this… Book now at a time best fitting your schedule and let’s Talk soon!

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