We may have the chance to experience real love, real peace, real joy, real happiness, with confidence and understanding. We may have encountered many different types of relationships in our life time thus far. Like the ones that are so common and general. Fatherly Love, Brotherly Love, Motherly Love, Sisterly Love, Social Love, Intimate Love, Is He/Is She In To Me Kinda of Love. The greatest type of relationship you will ever have is Self Love. Understanding self, builds confidence. With understanding and confidence you may exude a natural kinda love. That is the greatest gift for individuals who can love themselves and love another while he/she is being in love and loving in there relationships at the same time. Generating streams of love, peace, joy, and happiness, flowing all around you the majority of your relationship. You vibe with a natural kinda of peace that comes from within, the confidence of knowing and understanding self love. Flowing effortlessly! Peace & Love -Celestine R. Snell "2020"

Maybe that is why I managed to endure the hurt, pain, and misunderstandings of what happened in my past.  I’m a lover of love at heart.  (I’m not stupid.  I say that because it’s my defense mechanism, wanting you to understand that that is the nature of who I am.  The problems came when I didn’t have enough respect for myself to teach you how to respect me for being who I am.  So you thought I was a mat you could walk all over.)  I learned that the hard way.  Thank you!  Thank, God, that’s over!

I didn’t learn a lot about SELF LOVE growing up.  As a matter of fact I learned very little.  But I did have enough respect to love myself period!  Thank God I can love myself more than enough to share my life’s journey with you comfortably most of the time and uncomfortably sometimes.  Because the truth of these matters can’t hurt me anymore.  Thank God.  They may pinch or sting for a few seconds.  I’ll laugh at it.  I’ll move on to the next best thing that has been created for me to do.

Growing up folks in the streets would say people who loved themselves were selfish.  They didn’t care about others.  And in our household my parents taught me that caring is sharing and sharing comes from the love and respect we should have for people in general.  

Helping others when you can, with the best that you’ve got.  To show up and to teach them how to get back on their feet again.  Self-sufficient!  To become self-sufficient.  Responsible for self.  So, please don’t misunderstand me.  I don’t want to be misunderstood.  And I don’t want to misunderstand you.  So let us get clear with one another.  Ask me what you feel you may need to know to understand me.  But before you ask, prepare for the question/questions I may ask you just before I answer your question/questions.  And I will answer your question/questions within reason.  I think I’ve said more than enough for right now.  Please enjoy your holiday.  Have fun and make the best of it.  🙏🙏🙏  😇 ✌&❤  “Wisdom” -Celestine R. Snell

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