Happy Mother's Day

Over the years I have heard many stories of mother and daughter relationships. Some good and some very bad. I have been fortunate enough to have been graced with a very loving mother; she exudes what it means to be an overall great Mom. 

When I had the opportunity to talk to a few close girl friends about their relationships with their mom, I was literally floored at how awful some of their descriptions were of their relationship with their mothers. I asked if they thought they could forgive their mom for how their relationship turned out and many of the answers were No! Others, said they had moved on and have accepted they never had and may never  have a relationship with their mom. I was disturbed greatly by the answers, but mostly my heart ached for the daughters because here I was with nothing but great things to say about my mom. Immediately I thought, stop praising my mom around them because I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. I prayed hard and ask God to speak to me about this situation and how can I help my girl friends to see a brighter side. 

As the days passed and I continued to pray for the mothers and daughters. Like a flashing light, the answer came to me! Tell them God makes no mistakes, and everything that we go through in life is his plan. Tell them how LOVE conquers all. God is our Mother and Father; he will always be near and will never forsake us. In Isaiah 66:13 it states, “As a mother consoled you, and you will be consoled”. This scriptures says to me that Mothers have a great influence on her child. For a mother to console her child, and the child to receive her mother nurturing gestures.  This very act brings our father in heaven an assurance that the mother he loaned the child is being obedient and deserving of his comfort. 

A relationship works both ways, and with love the two are bound to find common ground with one another. I cannot stop praising what a wonderful Mom I have because she has been a complete gift to me. We have had our share of merry go rounds, but because we are god’s children, we prefer to operate in love only. 

With urgency, if your relationship is not in right standing with your mother, I urge you to make an effort to pray for a better relationship with your mom and actually put effort to have a loving relationship. Operate out of love, ask for our Lord’s guidance in the mist of building. 


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