Motivational Sunday

Good Morning, This is the second time I tried to write a blog and it didn’t save for one reason or another on my end. So I’m going to try this again… Lets cross our fingers…

I basically wanted to share a tip with you. When I started my journey, I used to save my goals or something motivational as my screen saver. It’s like having a vision board on your phone. It could be something so simple and easy. Sometimes I might have a quote, a picture or just a list of things. I would keep my screen saver until I accomplish my goal and then I would save another goal. For example, when I started working out, I would make a collage of my before and recent pictures, I would add dates and my weight. This would not only push me to work out but it allowed me to see how far I came and that I was making progress when I couldn’t see it.

So, I want you to think about a goal and make it your screen saver until you accomplish it.

This picture was one of my screensaver, once I accomplished it, I changed it. I’m actually due for another one. So I can do this exercise with you.

I hope you have a good day and that this works for you.

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