Move Forward

Trust the process, there are many ways to the top!
  • Ask yourself… Why?

What is it that’s going on in your life that causing you to peek in the trash of your past. Did you not get that promotion, so we’re second guessing yourself. The new guy seemed so into you, but he slowly fell off. Your girls went out and somehow forgot to invite you.

It’s life, that’s all. Things don’t always go as plan. Honestly speaking things rarely go as planned. Shrug your shoulders and keep it pushing. Don’t stress the small things or allow someone’s actions to cause you to question yourself. 

Simply reset and start a new day. God has a way of removing things from you that won’t serve you well in your life. The guy probably realized he wasn’t ready to be with a woman of your standards. Your girls probably figured you were busy. That promotion wasn’t right for you. 

Trust the process and allow doors to shut that aren’t the best for you. God will open the doors that will direct you to your destiny. 

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